The objectives of this application are to facilitate (both the general public and property managers) the co-creation of content of educational resources and, through the space of co-creation, to become a tool of communication and interaction between and with users.

We will also focus on analyzing the benefits of using new technologies to educate and disseminate heritage differently from traditional ones. The very renewal of the heritage dissemination model can make it more attractive, especially for the public to whom we want to address the majority, young people.

Motiv refers to motivation, AR to the use of augmented reality - AR and CHE because it is focus on the learn in topics related to cultural heritage (Cultural Heritage - CHE).

You will create contents associated to cultural heritage elements and you will share it with other users.

You will view contents created by other users.

The Motiv-ARCHE application works in web navigators and mobile devices with operating system Android (download it here).

Register from the website or mobile application and start to discover the cultural and natural heritage like you have never experienced before.

Basic functionalities